Background / History

On March 19, 2016 found Bill was admitted to Valley Hospital with pain. Lots of it. Eventually they diagnosed him with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML), one of the most aggressive forms of leukemia with a median life expectancy of 9 months. That is, the longest folks with this have been known to life is 18 months. For all who know Bill’s level of health and activity, this came as a bit of a shock.

Friends and church family went above and beyond, helping in more ways than I can begin to do justice to. Truly they exemplified the body of Christ in action.

After the first couple rounds of chemo, Bill was released to go home with some outpatient treatments to follow. He spent a more or less normal summer around New Jersey and out in the boat on the Hudson. He and a friend Howie, who also struggled with advancing cancer, often shared their struggles. Howie also kept an infrequent blog.

But in August, AML returned with a vengeance.

We started this blog in hopes of beginning to compile your stories and tales and notes to and about Bill. We have been hearing bits and pieces of many of these and wanted to be able to share them with Bill and Diane (aka, Mom and Dad to us).

We would LOVE for you to share your stories either via a comment on this page or the more private contact form on the “contact” page. Or via direct email to Ginni or Donna.

THANK YOU for all the love and support over the last several months, and for helping us celebrate Mom and Dad while they are still here with us! We look forward to hearing from you!


One thought on “Background / History

  1. Fred and I have gotten to know Bill
    Through our Sunday School class at HGC. He’s been a great teacher, kind and caring of others as I hear he’s always been. Even after treatment and exhausted Bill was in SS to teach. Our love, appreciation and prayers are with him and Diane as well.


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