Guitar and the High Road

Hi Uncle Bill, Jen and Karen are with us here in San Francisco and heading to Santa Cruz today where Jen ((Bill’s niece) is going to do a triathlon on Sunday.

We’ve been talking about you a lot this week and sending lots of love and prayers.  You made such a big and positive impression on us all as we were growing up.  Your kindness and loving values really touched us deeply and shaped us.  Even to this day when I’m trying to take the high road in life and be present and kind as a daily practice, you come to mind.  My memories and thoughts about how you are in the world always lighten my heart and make me feel connected to what’s most important in life – to the love we all share.

I’m also starting to take guitar lessons and am working on Puff the Magic Dragon which I loved to hear you play when we were little!

I love you so much and wish I was with you to give you a big hug and help you feel better. I’m thinking of you every day and sending many prayers of love and healing.

Love always, Carrie (Bill’s niece)


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