Skiing, Snipe Hunting and Christmas Cookies

There are so many stories to share! I can’t remember the number of ski trips we went on together. I do remember one of the early trips when I fell and Uncle Bill encouraged me, showed me how to get myself up but wouldn’t help me get up; I think he went by three or four times before I got myself up and skiing again. I still have dreams about skiing off a cliff or sliding down the hill backwards. Then there are the wonderful weeks at Camp of the Woods fishing, snipe hunting, Owah tagoo siam by the Teepee, Aunt Diane coaching us in tennis and evenings around the campfire. Oh and riding the Hudson River, tubing, hours spent patiently trying to teach me how to water ski, sorry still can’t do it! One of my favorite times was when my friend Cathi, Aunt Diane, Uncle Bill and I were on the boat with Diane driving, Bill skiing and Cathi and I were in the front. The water was choppy but then we hit a wake and Cathi and I almost went flying off the boat, we were laughing so hard! Then we realized that somewhere along the way in the midst of all the laughing Uncle Bill had gone down and we had to go back and find him. A visit to Grandmom & Grandad’s did not seem complete without sitting around the dining room table with Uncle Bill playing guitar and hearing various family members singing hymns or Aunt Diane teaching gymnastics on the lawn; Christmas didn’t feel right without Aunt Diane’s cookies and the tradition goes on as my kids look forward to the package from the Kohout Cookie Factory! Since my father passed away when I was a toddler I feel that Uncle Bill stepped into that role in many ways and I am thankful to Aunt Diane, Ginni and Donna for allowing us to be his second family! The memories are many and precious and there are not enough words to express the gratitude of having such a wonderful Aunt and Uncle as role models and tour guides!

-Anna (Bill’s niece)


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