Bill and I have taught our Disciples Sunday School class together for over 15 years. We started off with 4 of us- Pastor Ken, Steve Abma, Bill and myself. It was challenging and some tense moments. Bill and I could really lock horns. One time I did a learning styles assessment. Bill was a very strong Abstract Sequential and I’m a strong Concrete Random. We couldn’t be more opposite! Knowing this helped us bridge to each other with an understanding, respect and appreciation that has made us a great team all these years. Every week we’d meet to study God’s word, share our lives and work with others to help them see the excitement of studying and being in community. He became one of my dearest and closest friends.

– Contributed by Cindy Picht


One thought on “Co-Teaching

  1. Dear Bill and Diane— I cannot think of the one without the other. You have been such staunch friends over many years.
    We have had some super times together. On the boat— us in it although sometimes I would be the only one left in it as Diane and Jim took to the water and Bill would be doing a one ski water ballet behind us! He loved that and was intrigued by my fear of the black liquid stuff around me! Jim was more courageous . Then we would enjoy our deli sandwich together in the shelter of the boat. We found in him ,in you both, a genuine interest in missions both in support and prayer. Bill visited our Les and Rachel several times in London when flying and they appreciated that very much. But those lovely quiet moments around the meal table,enjoying and being renewed by genuine friendship are some of the most precious times. How wonderful it is that when we say “Au Revoir” that it really is “Au Revoir” and not Goodbye. We do not grieve as others grieve but look forward to seeing one another,wholly restored and delighting in the Presence of the Lord. Perhaps it is that very thought that should stimulate us to work in the harvest field knowing that “Only one life twill soon be past.Only what’s done for Christ will last.”and that many have not heard the Good News of the Gospel yet and perhaps are waiting to hear it from us.
    Thanks for the memories. Your forever friends,
    Dee and Jim.


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