This is a passionate word that Bill often uses to express a blend of wonder and disbelief. It stirs from the depths of his better wisdom to the core of his compassionate heart, usually upon hearing of some spontaneous adventure or a random decision to act on our perpetual tendency for irresponsible behavior. Personally, he maintained a disciplined approach to life, for him and his family, yet he willingly embraced the folly of others with the affirmation of “Outstanding!” Like a battle cry of encouragement this word could simultaneously uphold, reassure, and caution.

It is Bill’s way to take the time to move away from the agendas, and give God time to direct his steps. His heart’s desire is to honor and serve God with the brief time we are given. It was never lost on Bill, that serving God was intimately bound to serving his people. His love for God and family nurtured a love for those less fortunate. His joy was made complete in the fellowship with the hurting and the lost. His directness and plain speaking message of God’s enduring hope was never far from his mind and daily practices.

Bill loves nature, and God’s boundless creative capacity expressed within it. We hold dear the memories of water skiing together along the Hudson, or the hikes along unknown pathways in the Ramapo Mountains and beyond. To imagine that New Year’s Day 2016, we were hiking with a host of friends, and Bill was the un-reluctant leader, set the pace and directed our steps to bring us safely home. Outstanding, Bill! Outstanding!

– Contributed by Rober & Alice Tenny


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