Profound Impact

Bill, God answered my reluctance to join the HGC board by transforming my life through you. I did not know much about what it means to be a disciple of Christ but I was able to see it in your life – as a man, husband and father. I thoroughly enjoyed our regular coffee breaks and very much appreciated those times we could go to Starbucks and not Dunkin’ Donuts so I could get a good cup of coffee. Your encouragement, friendship and prayers mean so much to me. I could also have a good cry with you. Your ‘class’ trips to Xenos a.k.a. Columbus have a profound impact on my life and those I touch. The themes of evangelism, eternity and love ARE you Bill. What makes you such a great teacher is that you always sought to be the best student. You live your life knowing clearly what awaits you eternally. Bill thank you. I love you. Tom Breen

One thought on “Profound Impact

  1. Bill was such a great teacher because he was a great student. That comment Tom, is so true. He would study for hours the Bible- looking for the original meaning, the context, the flow of the letter or passage. He would be so excited by what he learned he needed to share it right away. He was also a student of how to develop a class lesson. But, Bill was a student of people and understanding himself, others, and what that means in relationships.


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