The Real, Live Body of Christ

My good friend and brother in the Lord, Bill Kohout. My life has been so blessed to know you. For years I was in your Sunday School class and loved the way you dissected the Word of God so we could apply God’s principles in our lives. I remember how you and Diane opened your home to my mom when she traveled here and I didn’t have the room in my apt to house her! She felt an affinity to you both and was blessed by your hospitality. I remember the BBQs at your place and loved your grilling! I think I went on one hike and decided that you were a few notches past my ability so I managed to be busy the other days you had hikes! 🙂 After my knee surgery you drove to the surgery center and gave me a ride home. You and Diane drove others from the SS class to Eastern LI for my dad’s memorial service. So you didn’t just teach the Word of God, you joined with me in life as a follower of Jesus.

So I just spent a few evenings sitting by your bed and helping any way I could: holding the straw so you could drink, shifting the pillows so you were more comfortable, arranging the blankets. It was no problem to carve time out of life and be there with my friend on that precipice of eternity. Like sitting on a cliff that expands into the vastness of God’s creation… I am "stuck" here, but you get to go to Jesus, the source of immeasurable love, and you will explore (hike?!) God’s endless display of greatness. It isn’t often we get to sit side-by-side with someone as they "graduate". You lived life well and you will get your reward soon! Thank you seems to be a small token to someone who was the body of Christ to me and others. But thank you for living that and being that, and I know God is honored through your life.

– contributed by Cheryl Freeman


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