20 September, 2016 22:00

Dear Bill and Diane,
What can I say? I do not know where to begin because both of you meant a lot to me and my family. In 2004, Vicky and I walked into your Sunday school and your kindness has helped us so much as we were adjusting to US. again. We felt very accepted by you and so comfortable with you. You showed us what it meant to belong to the body of Christ. I cannot record all the details of your service, kindness and love you have shown to us. We have so many memories of us having fun together. Do you remember the trip to Six Flag Adventure? Diane and my husband sat in the very front raw as they were riding the roller coaster. What about your visit to Winston’s football game? Winston was very encouraged by your presence. The boat ride was awesome and you were teaching Winston how to water ski. What about hiking trips? There were so many dinners together both at your place, my home and at the restaurants. We really enjoyed our fellowship over the meals. And there were many serious talks as we were helping people. More than anything, it was your nurturing, encouraging and faith-filled Spirit we truly appreciate. We will never forget how you demonstrated your Christlike, quiet and gentle leadership over the years. I felt fortunate to spend some time with you this summer. Although you were fatigued, you wanted to listen to what was going on with our lives. We do not know how to thank you enough for all you have done for our family. We love you and your family. Our prayers are with you as you are going through this journey. We do not understand why this is happening but the Lord knows all your suffering. We pray you do not lose hope and have courage to finish your race well.

"And I trust that my life will bring honor to Christ, whether I live or die." Philippians 1:20

We are extremely sad and hurting as we let go of you, Bill, but someday we will all be united in heaven. Pray your days are filled with peace and love.

With much love, Seungsik, Irene, Vicky and Winston


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