Adventures of Two Pilots

As a first flight after Donna got her instrument rating in light airplanes, Dad came through Denver on his way to Albuquerque flying a United airliner. Donna coordinated to meet him down in Albuquerque but there was a question of whether or not she’d be able to make it. Since this was before the cell phone era, Donna spent the four hour flight trying to figure out how to contact Bill to let him know she was coming. Her problem resolved when she heard Dad on the radio. A simple quick radio call, never mind it being on the ATC frequency with all the other airliners and whatever light planes may be flying: "Hi, Dad. This is Donna." Long pause. Donna, with her distinct, female voice, grows slightly concerned. Then a laughing reply. "Oh hey, Donna. See you on the ground." Donna feels relieved at having conveyed her message. Then concerned again as another unknown voice chimed in, "Sure! We’ll all be there!"

Thankfully there was no one else there to meet them after Donna landed and took a shuttle around to the main terminal at Albuquerque’s International Sunport and met Dad for an evening on the town. Another adventure of two pilots.


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