Story / comment for Dad

I had the privilege of staying with "Uncle" Bill and "Aunt" Diane on a couple different occasions with my dear friend, Anna Hurley. Bill and Diane made me feel more than welcome, they made me feel like family from the very start! On the first visit, we went on a very fast-paced walking tour of New York City, which was amazing. But honestly, the best part was just being in their home, sharing meals and fellowship. On the second visit, over a Thanksgiving holiday, it was much more than Anna and me! It was Anna, her husband Pat, and their three kids, as well as me and my two kids. I believe Donna and Sandi were staying in the house as well! Again, we felt like family. Bill and Diane took all of the kids on a walk, something my girls still remember today.

Thank you Bill and Diane, for blessing me and my family with a wonderful example of Christ-like hospitality and love, lived out in the fullest measure!

– Amy Paul


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