Think of Me When You Go

¿Could you please Bill think of me and take me to the woods with you?

You see, when I was a kid I asked my father to do so but he could´nt because he was very busy

¿could you?

I will like to have the oportunity to "touch" and feel the landscape and to be taken by the summer breeze to that place where the Lord dwells.
Yellow and green, brown and red leaves transported me to heaven, because you made it possible Bill.
¿Could you please remember me when you launch your boat into the Hudson River?
¿Could you please take me to the Doctor, Bill, my tooth is aching?
¿Could you please Bill tell the Lord that I miss you and that since I returned to Ecuador I could not find a father, brother, friend, like you?
This I know, I will see you soon, so we could hike again in the Land forever brother, forever…
(Fernando does not speak well english, please pardon me)

– Contributed by Fernando Serrano


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