Humility, Teachability, Grace

I just saw the news of Bills passing from a Facebook post by Eve Schuit. I have such mixed emotion. Bill truly was a mentor to me. Whether he was so intentionally or not rests with him. I was a part of his four man early morning bible study for some time. Years perhaps? When I lost my job in 2002 he immediately engaged me on several fronts to encourage me with fellowship. He paid me to rake his lawn in the fall of ’02. I grumbled because he has a rather large lawn and A LOT of trees! But I was thankful for the opportunity he gave me to earn a few dollars. He and Diane invited my wife, Catherine, and me out for a spin on the Hudson in their boat. We did some water skiing and he used a slalom ski. I was impressed because he wasn’t a spring chicken… but boy could he ski! He always had a smile and an encouraging word! We served on the church board at Hawthorne Gospel together and he invited me to his Sunday ABF class to talk about the new mission I was pursuing. And when my wife and I talked to both he and Diane about our passion for seeing godly marriages thrive as we began our work with FamilyLife he was on board! Both of them joined our Ministry Partner team. He shared some intimate shortcomings of his that he so wished he could "do over" and he shed a tear or two in my presence. His love for Christ was so real even in his brokenness. He exemplified humility, teach-ability, and grace. Attributes that, to this day, I pray I might possess in large measure as I age. As I shed a tear now because of his passing I know I will see him again. It doesn’t erase the pain of loss but, in the long run, it make all the difference. God speed, William Kohout! You are piloting high once again in the presence of our Savior.

– Scott Mercer


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