You Can Do It

I remember many good times I had with Bill and Diane, their families, and others, like hikes, outings, trips, Sunday School, the Sunshine Club, and Preakness Hospital, just to name a few.

We were on a hike, and it was hot. There were 5 or 6 of us. Diane was way in front of us. I was the last in line, trying to catch up! Bill saw me taking a break. Bill let the others pass him by. He came down by me and asked, “Are you OK?” Showing his compassion, he smiled and offered, “Want some water?” I needed that! Ok, let’s go!

“Almost there, just up around this bend,” said Bill. “You can do it.” Thanks Bill. That encouraged me.

Well, this past 7 months, Bill was climbing this steep hill. Bill fought the good fight. He kept the faith.

I can imagine this: Jesus reached down from heaven, took Bill by the hand, and took Bill home.

– Ray Roberts


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