Generous, Patience, Good Cheer

Even in great sadness about uncle Bill’s passing, while reflecting about all our times together as a family, I can still smile in my heart. He has been a constant and a source of happy thoughts. Always a very generous person with great patience and unwaivering good cheer. He has been a mast of the family holding together the various sails, allowing them to catch thier own wind and to sail along together. When we got together and talked there was love, good advice and always a sense of adventure. From teaching me to walz, or play the guitar, or at our family Uno/Scrabble sessions there was a sense of togetherness and carefree fun surrounding him. Hiking in Harriman State Park or boating on the Hudson or on Grandma’s farm, taking each obstacle hand in hand, I have fond memories and will cherish them always. Thank you uncle Bill. You remain in my heart and in my thoughts, even when you are not by my side. May you rest in peace and fly in heaven, lighting the way for us all.


– your niece Deb


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