Uncle, 5 Sep 2016

(a handwritten letter, 5 Sep 2016)

Dear Uncle Bill,

We’re praying for you and your family. May I please first take a few minutes to write, thank you? Forever ago, Arron was a boy who was trying to follow Jesus as best as he could. God gave him his uncle to help steer him in that walk. Fast forward, along came a girl. Arron fell in love. The uncle smiled and kept steering the young man. Children were born, a home was built, and all along, God gave Arron an uncle who continually kept steering him in how to follow Jesus. How great your example! How often we have and will forever thank God for you. Thank you, Uncle Bill, for steering my husband. Thank you for being an example to follow.

We love you dearly.

Gretchen (and Arron)


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