Awed by the Word

Bill always made the coffee for our annual Super Bowl Party! (He thought my coffee was terrible) In fact, any time he came over, he always made the coffee!

"Yes, indeed," was a frequent phrase of Bill’s. I’ll never hear that phrase again without thinking of him. Bill (and Diane) taught Nick and me to LOVE the Hudson River. That’s a great feat to teach this southern beach girl to love a northern river! Bill had a river "look" – a slight smile of contentment he always wore as he drove the boat. He particularly enjoyed dislodging me from my relaxed position in the front of the boat – he would look for waves to hit that would jostle me all around. There were several times he almost knocked me over in to the water!

Bill loved the Word of God and obeyed it. That was a great example to me. He was constantly awed over what he was learning from the Word. He was the most dedicated student and doer of the Word that I have ever been privileged to know.

I will miss him greatly.

– Colleen Savone


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