Disappearing in the Green.

(This is the story the Douglass girls like most of all and often ask to hear.)

One day when they were boys, Johnny convinced Billy that if he were entirely green, their mother would not be able to see him hiding in a tree. Billy wasn’t so sure, but agreed to (or something like that) give it a try. He stripped naked and Johnny painted him green, head to toe. He then climbed up in a tree, believing he was blending in with the leaves. However, far from not seeing him at all, their mother, upon her return home, turned a bit red, as did Billy’s bottom shortly thereafter!


Just What I Needed

Bill was a good and dear friend. He was there just when I needed him. I lost my job in 2013 and Bill invited me to join him, Bob Schuit and Robert Tenny on Tuesday mornings at the group he held in his home. Afterwards, he invited me to serve with Star of Hope at Preakness, which I happily enjoyed. God knew how damaged I was at the time and how lonely my life had become. He brought Bill there and it was just what was needed. I am forever grateful to them both.

– David S

Mostly, He Prayed

There is so much I could write, but really is all comes down to this: Bill stood with me, cried with me, rejoiced with me, encouraged me – his strength was ability to come alongside and bring his energy and impassioned calling to all he touched. Mostly, he prayed.

– Bob Wolf, SOHM board member 2005-2009

1812 Overture on the Hudson River at West Point

Our recollection of Bill goes to the Hudson River, when our fearless captain took us up to West Point to hear a summertime concert. Of course they played the 1812 Overture, and the cannons reverberated off the cliffs. What a grand evening we had enjoying each others’ company and God’s creation.

The years of serving with Bill on the SOH board have left me with wonderful memories – visiting John Perkins in MS, the conference in New Orleans, wrestling with Policy Governance at a board meeting. In it all, Bill was always an encourager and a picture of God’s grace. We will miss him.

– Barbara and Ron Farrington