As you all have supported Bill’s journey through leukemia, we’ve heard bits and pieces of many tales about the part Bill and Diane have played in your life. We’d love to provide a place to share your stories as an encouragement to Bill as he goes through this time and as an encouragement to us as his family – both family by blood and family by faith.

Would you be willing to share just a short story or two? Please post your story as a “comment” below or email them to Bill’s daughters using the comment form below. Comments will be public and posted once you submit them. If you’d rather share privately please use the contact form below and it will go to Donna’s email so that we can share it with Bill and Diane.

THANK YOU for all of your help and support over the last several months! It has truly been a testament to the reality of the family of faith and the fact that we really are a BODY of Christ.


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